About Us

Rotating Tap Comedy combines all things Craft Beer with Stand-up Comedy! This company  was founded at the intersection of breweries and laughter in Spring 2019 in Denver, Colorado. After winning multiple awards for the success of a stand-up comedy showcase at Chain Reaction Brewing Company, Steve Vanderploeg decided to look for other breweries willing to host live stand-up, creating the pathway for Rotating Tap Comedy to be born. 

Today, Rotating Tap has hosted reoccurring, professionally booked live shows at dozens of different breweries around the greater Denver Metro area, and has become a destination for some of the best comedy in Denver, as well as beer lovers of all sorts! It is known as one of the best comedy productions in one of the best comedy and beer scenes across the entire United States.

Check out some of the breweries we've worked with!

Who is Rotating Tap?

Steve Vanderploeg

Steve Vanderploeg is a stand-up comedian, improviser and writer from Denver, Colorado. He is a regular as the world famous Comedy Works, and has been featured as "Comedian of the Week" on Comedy 103.1 FM radio in Denver. Steve has performed on over two dozen comedy festivals across the United States including multiple appearances at 208, Rogue Island and High Plains Comedy Festivals. He might not be a beer expert, but he's pretty damn good at drinking it.

You can find out more about Steve on his website HERE